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Dreamslain prepare to release Tales Of Knights And Distant Worlds

December 14, 2020

Music that is created the old way, in the rehearsal room, through the interaction of musicians in tune with each others’ spirits, where a perfect progression can come to life in a knowing nod or a shared glance, possesses a life and soul like no other. For ten years now Dreamslain have been weaving their tales of dark fantasy in just that way; bringing other worlds to life in their dramatic, narrative songs and infusing them with that special energy and vivid imagination. There have been singles and an EP along the way – but now it is time for their debut full length album...

Tales Of Knights And Distant Worlds is a remarkable, ambitious album, whose eight songs stride in epic fashion across two CDs. This music is natural and without compromise, taking just as long as it needs to, to tell its tale – not a moment more or a moment less. Dreamslain pay no more heed to musical boundaries than they do to restrictive song lengths, with Tales Of Knights And Distant Worlds blending the exploratory nature of progressive rock with the bombast and vigour of epic metal, great song writing with immersive atmosphere and challenging complexity. Even the extreme sounds for which the band’s native Norway is so renowned play their part, bringing a powerful intensity and twilight chill to the likes of ‘Shadow Warriors’. Throughout the album the interplay between the organ and guitar is stunning, the two instruments locked in a deadly dance above the deft and dextrous drumming while the diverse vocals bring the fantastical stories to life. Every instrument in the Dreamslain armoury plays an equal part in the songs, the drums taking the spotlight for breathtaking solo parts as well as providing the thunderous bedrock to the sound.

Drawing their influences from across the ages of rock, Dreamslain have created something unique, something to which there is no obvious or easy comparison to make. Their songs are for music fans who are always in search of something new, something real, something that can fire their imaginations. On January 29th Tales Of Knights And Distant Worlds will ride out, sending up a clarion call to those who would follow, ever onward to lands beyond the furthest horizon.

Track Listing:

1 – He Who Rises In Force
2 – Knights Of La Mancha
3 – My Mask
4 – The Fall Of The Elven Lord
5 – Cosmonautics
6 – Ownership Denied
7 – Shadow Warriors
8 – Tale Of The Copper Guard
9 – In Memory Of Sister Rosetta Tharpe (Bonus Track)


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