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Colossus prepare to release Degenesis

December 12, 2020

Drawing on years of experience in the ranks of bands like Lividity, Cryptic Fog, Cereviscera and FIN, the members of Colossus are bonded together by a desire to push their abilities to the limits. Their debut album, Degenesis, is a tornado of sound, an excoriating symphony of violence that prophesises rebirth and new beginnings through complete and utter annihilation. Screaming at the speed of light along the razor’s edge of an event horizon, Colossus decimate the limitations imposed upon brutal death metal, smashing through boundaries accepted by the drowsing pack.

The songs that form this skull shattering opus of destruction and resurrection are forged from wild, progressive inventiveness and base, bludgeoning brutality; a hybrid made possible by the application of extreme technical dexterity and the innovative use of two octave down, pitch shifted guitars – binding a monstrous, suffocating heaviness to fearsome velocity and Machiavellian virtuosity. Songs such as ‘Spiteful Obliteration Of An Obsolete Reality’, ‘Malignant Eye Of Inexorable Ruin’ and the album’s shocking conclusion, the title track itself, ‘Degenesis’ satisfy and surprise in equal measure. Everything you need from brutal death metal is here, in all its most powerful forms, but there is more as well. New, magnificently intimidating figures rise from the darkness and there is no escaping the feeling that you’re treading in dangerous, unknown territory.

With the peerless power of renowned label Comatose Music behind them, Colossus are now ready to unleash their remorseless, cleansing fire upon the world. When Degenesis hits the streets on February 5th 2021 there will be nowhere to run and no place to hide. The time to burn is coming...

Track Listing:

1 – Becoming All Forms
2 – Iniquitous Macrocosm
3 – Abysmal Tectonic Tyrants
4 – Malignant Eye Of Inexorable Ruin
5 – Violent Ichor Of Primordial Ascension
6 – Spiteful Obliteration Of An Obsolete Reality
7 – Degenesis


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