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Zebadiah Crowe prepare to release Lych Milk

January 13, 2021

It’s as if Zebadiah Crowe are trying to make up for lost time after their eight years of silence, or maybe they are just bursting out of their sickly skins with cruel and rancid imaginings. Whatever it is they keep on twisting the knife, turning the screw and ramping up the pain and insanity. First came the unforgiving onslaught of the Host Rider, then, slavering in its hoof prints, the crawling horror of The Cloven Hand, which drew the last blighted year to a close. Now, before the sweat of your nightmares has had time to cool, Lych Milk comes calling, scratching at your door with its filthy, broken claws...

This rapacious succubus offers up three more twisted sonic offspring from the lair of Zebadiah Crowe; three tracks that have been broken down into a twisted mass of agony and then rebuilt with wanton wickedness, given new stomach churning forms that will lead you ever further into the realms of shadow and fear. A video has been created to accompany opening track ‘Gallows Wood’, which fuses disturbing footage of Zebadiah Crowe in their dungeon domain with images from the game Valfaris - a heavy metal infused 2D action-platformer featuring brutal combat, deadly enemies, stunning pixel art and a savage soundtrack created by ex-Celtic Frost man, Curt Victor Bryant. Does the Lych Milk triumvirate of terrors represent the most vicious, screaming assault yet from Zebadiah Crowe? Stare into the darkness once more and decide for yourself...

The putrid effluence of Lych Milk will be outpoured on February 5th, a thick, black stream of heart-stopping destruction. Another round of mechanised, senseless, soulless violence is about to begin.

Track Listing:

1 – Gallows Wood
2 – Sabbaticus
3 – Footprints


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Video and Images

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