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Exterminated prepare to release The Genesis Of Genocide

February 15, 2021

Formed in the heat and humidity of Dasmariñas in the Philippines by Ace Estandian of Anal Fissure and Guillotined, Exterminated first presented their unquestionable brutality to the world on the Elements Of Obliteration EP in 2016. Tapping the vein of lust and violence that runs through the human condition like a seam of black blood, Exterminated have forged ahead from their first release, pushing the limits of sonic extremity and skull-crushing death metal to breaking point. The results of their quest for maximum overdrive and the distillation of the essence of human cruelty can now be heard on their unbelievably savage full length debut album - The Genesis Of Genocide.

There’s little left that can shock us these days, so inured have we become to the grisly horrors of human behaviour, but when Exterminated open fire with ‘Systematic Holocaust’ it’s like being trapped in no man’s land as the artillery batteries start to roar, belching their hellfire and slaughter into the smoke-filled air. The Genesis Of Genocide is an album capable of flooring even the most hardened brutal death metal fan. The riffs are earthshaking, the blast beats without mercy and the vocals of Myke Pardo utterly bestial. Songs like ‘Murderous Intent’ and ‘The Art Of Mutilation’ will remind fans of the overwhelming rush and jaw-dropping power that first ensnared them, dragging them into the predatory clutches of metal’s most reviled and twisted sub-genre.

There was only ever going to be one label for a band this sickeningly heavy and that was Comatose Music. The champions of music from beyond the realms of taste and human dignity will release Exterminated’s The Genesis Of Genocide on April 9th and jaded creatures, hungry to rediscover the thrill of bludgeoning, battering, remorseless and inhuman death metal should be waiting impatiently for its arrival. Submit to the need to kill and prepare to lose your mind in a tsunami of violence.

Track Listing:

1 – Systematic Holocaust
2 – Impulsive Decimation
3 – Detrimentum
4 – Murderous Intent
5 – Grave For The Slaughtered
6 – Inevitable Annihilation
7 – Chaotic Dimension Of The Insane
8 – Abyss Of The Dead
9 – The Art Of Mutilation


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