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Grey Aura prepare to release Zwart Vierkant

March 05, 2021

It’s five years now since Grey Aura allowed us to accompany Willem Barentsz on his final, epic journey in search of the Northeast Passage through the portal of their ambitious debut album Waerachtighe Beschryvinghe Van Drie Seylagien, Ter Werelt Noyt Soo Vreemt Ghehoort. During those intervening years the band from Utrecht in The Netherlands have created something even more remarkable; a second album that journeys not only across the material world, but also through the realms of philosophy, artistic concepts, emotion and spiritual awakenings. Challenging and defying any simple definition, Zwart Vierkant is an outstanding achievement.

With its roots in atmospheric and post black metal Zwart Vierkant reaches out in numerous directions, pursuing every necessary nuance of sound to bring its songs to vibrant life. It encompasses raging tumults of emotion, sweeping romance, stirring sensuality, desperate despair, confusion, sorrow and dazzling moments of realisation. The album is intrinsically linked with De Protodood In Zwarte Haren, a novel written by Grey Aura’s Ruben Wijlacker which tells the story of an early 20th century painter who becomes obsessed with the Russian art movement, Suprematism, which idealises the abstract concepts of geometric shape and colour. It follows his journey through Europe, the transformation of his art and his metamorphosis of soul and spirit as he reaches out to the ungovernable maelstrom of the void. Zwart Vierkant feeds upon the intensity of feeling which drives the novel to create an incomparable listening experience of real depth and imaginative fire.

Mastered by Robert Hobson (A Forest Of Stars) and clothed in the unique artwork of Sanja Marusic, Zwart Vierkant will be released by Onism Productions on May 7th and there will not be another album like it released this year, or any other. Immerse yourself in Grey Aura’s incredible creation and embark upon a breathtaking voyage of discovery.

Track Listing:

1 – Maria Segovia
2 – Rookslierten, Flessen
3 – Het Schuimspoor Van De Ramp
4 – El Greco In Toledo
5 – Parijs Is Een Portaal
6 – De Onnoemelijke Verleidelijkheid Van De Bezwijkende Deugd
7 – Sierlijke Schaduwmond


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