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Wratheon prepare to release Black Thrash Mass

March 17, 2021

In the late summer of 2020 we gave due warning that a new force in metal was stirring in the darkness, a force that expertly blended the furious riffing of thrash metal with the cold darkness of black metal and adorned the virulent, bottled elixir with a gleaming mesh of golden guitar melodies. That force went by the name of Wratheon, a sorcerer with an innate understanding of the essence of great metal – and now is the time for his power to be unleashed. Now is the time of the Black Thrash Mass!

The five songs that make up the exhilarating thrill ride of Black Thrash Mass are each perfectly crafted slices of venomous metal. From the adrenalized attack of ‘A Fire Burns’ and ‘In Séance’ to the reflective depth and cold melodies of ‘Life’, these are all magnificent, headbanging masterpieces that demonstrate remarkably accomplished song writing skills for a debut release – or indeed any release! Lyrically these bitter hymns rage against all forms of oppression, being a screaming war cry against the rich, the religious and the authority figures that lord it over us all; the passion and intensity in the vociferous vocals matching that of the savage, scything riffs every step of the way. Black Thrash Mass is uplifting and life-giving to the metal hordes and a sword to the throat of the bloated deceivers in their palaces of hypocrisy and vanity.

It has been a long wait for the fury of Wratheon to finally be unleashed, but at long last the Black Thrash Mass is upon us. This incredible opening salvo will blast forth on March 26th, so be ready to heed the call to war. Kneel to no-one and fight ‘til death!

Track Listing:

1 – In Séance
2 – A Fire Burns
3– With Crimson Eyes
4 – Life
5 – Unescapable Null


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