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In Asymmetry prepare to release Ashes Of Dead Worlds

March 15, 2021

Bringing together breathtaking ability and shocking savagery, In Asymmetry take technical brutal death metal to the limits. Uniting current and ex-members of Deeds Of Flesh, The Faceless, Goratory and Inanimate Existence this band is a formidable unit. Following up their acclaimed 2019 demo, Edge Of Divergence, In Asymmetry are now ready to unleash their staggering debut album – Ashes Of Dead Worlds.

The initial impact of Ashes Of Dead Worlds is utterly overwhelming; a bewildering maelstrom of intricately interwoven notes delivered at terrifying velocity and with murderous intent. The gut ripping roar of Taylor Wientjes explodes from the vortex of riffs and blast beats, tearing at your flesh as your sanity collapses in ruins. Yet within this bestial cacophony a clinical intelligence is at work – each instrument working with incredible precision, weaving around each other, locking smoothly together, separating, rearranging, detonating...perfect order within perfect chaos. Songs like ‘Whom Prey On The Weak’, ‘Hatred Towards The Holy Creature’ and ‘In My Own Image And Likeness’ are works of relentless, infernal art. Ashes Of Dead Worlds is rampant and ruthless from start to finish.

With the dedicated support of the world’s premiere extreme music label, Comatose Music, behind them, In Asymmetry are ready to take on all comers. This band are true heavyweights of the technical brutal death metal sub genre and few will even come close to matching their unholy marriage of dexterity and devastation. May 7th is the date decreed for this labyrinthine monstrosity to be uncaged - and for the pretenders to the throne to start running.

Track Listing:

1 – Whom Prey On The Weak
2 – To Him Be The Glory Forever And Ever
3 – Hatred Towards The Holy Creature
4 – Forged By The Ancient Entity
5 – Ashes Of Dead Worlds
6 – In My Own Image And Likeness
7 – Emancipation
8 – Thou Art Prayed By The Nazarenes
9 – Sense Of The Diabolic


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