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Iridescent Dune prepare to release Kingdom Of Me

March 09, 2021

Within the fortress of your mind you wander the endless corridors, drift from empty room to empty room – a king in isolation. You stare down from the battlements at the outside world; its noise and clamour, its voracious appetite for worthless trinkets and glittering baubles of nothingness. You watch them fight and die for a handful of dust and blacken their souls with countless petty cruelties. Then you turn away once more and walk back into the cool, silent chambers – alone but not lonely, at peace in your solitude.

Behind the name Iridescent Dune is just one man, one musician – Charlie Murphy. Over the last few years Murphy has slowly built an underground following for Iridescent Dune, listeners being drawn to his unique approach to metal music and disregard for accepted genre rules and regulations. His songs follow their own path and carry their own magic. The latest release from Iridescent Dune is the single ‘Kingdom Of Me’, a powerful cry of independence. The snarling guitars fire out stuttering, jagged riffs that snap and bite with a venomous thrash metal energy over frenetic, vibrant rhythms. The vocals are raw, passionate and forceful, with each sharply enunciated word delivered with unquestionable intent. A huge chorus explodes from the barbed, serrated verses and burns itself into your memory banks on first listen and the song leaves its rusted hooks firmly embedded in your brain. In a world of so many carbon copy bands with the same style, same approach, same production values, Iridescent Dune stand proud – a throwback to the days when every band had their own sound and raw passion counted for more than social media numbers.

Iridescent Dune’s music has been hitting the airwaves on both sides of the Atlantic, picking up great reactions on UK and US radio. With ‘Kingdom Of Me’ Murphy aims to spread his message further still, taking his individual, characterful heavy metal to music fans worldwide. It’s time to rediscover the heart and soul of metal music and there’s no better place to start than the ‘Kingdom Of Me’.

Track Listing:

1 – Kingdom Of Me


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