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Lee Aaron prepares to release Radio On!

April 08, 2020

Lee Aaron’s return to rock continues in stunning fashion this summer. After the rampant Fire And Gasoline, the accomplished bluesy rock of Diamond Baby Blues and incendiary live album, Power, Soul, Rock ‘n’ Roll the multi-platinum, award winning Canadian singer brings us Radio On! – a collection of life-affirming songs to lead us out of lockdown. Written over the course of one glorious weekend, where Lee and her band tapped into the spirit of rock that has been the soundtrack to their lives, Radio On! is energy, life, yearning and dreaming. It’s about memories, hope, attitude and fun, courage and resilience, love and the power of rock...

Since 1982 Lee Aaron has been releasing great albums spanning the genres of rock, metal, jazz and blues. Her wonderful voice has been the force binding all of her work together and it just gets better and better with the passing years. From the melodic anthem that is ‘Radio On’, through the endless hooks of ‘Cmon’ and the sneering rock strut of ‘Soho Crawl’ to the gentle, tender touch of ‘Twenty One’ this album shows Lee Aaron at her very, very best. It’s quite a feat to be producing your finest work after four decades in the music business, especially when your back catalogue includes albums like Metal Queen, Call Of The Wild, the massive selling Body Rock and Beautiful Things, but that’s the simple truth about Radio On!

Lee Aaron began working with German label Metalville Records for the release of her 2018 album Diamond Baby Blues and that relationship is still going strong. Metalville will release Radio On!, on CD and limited edition vinyl, on July 23rd, so get ready for a summer of rock - and don’t touch that dial!

Track Listing:

1 – Vampin’
2 – Soul Breaker
3 – Cmon
4 – Mama Don’t Remember
5 – Radio On
6 – Soho Crawl
7 – Devil’s Gold
8 – Russian Doll
9 – Great Big Love
10 – Wasted
11 – Had Me At Hello
12 – Twenty One


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