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Spectral Darkwave join Imperative Management

May 19, 2021

Imperative PR are delighted to announce that wandering corsairs of space and time, Spectral Darkwave have joined our management roster. They bring with them a magnificent collision of symphonic death, black, doom and industrial metal, stories from the outer limits and an atmospheric live performance that will transport you from your mundane reality to a world of indescribable horror and thrilling adventure.

Spectral Darkwave’s debut album, First Last Contact, was released in 2015 and secured a raft of impressive reviews from across the metal press, including from prestigious outlets like Zero Tolerance Magazine who awarded it a 5/6 rating. Since that album was unveiled the band, featuring vocalist/guitarist The Arch-Kakoph, bassist The Gunner and drummer The Engineer, have played a number of memorable live shows, their performance augmented by the strange, unearthly machinery of The Slavedriver and released two well received singles – The Price Of Victory and A Toll Is Due.

Yet still, years have slipped by while the three wayfaring warriors travelled the time streams, but they have returned with a wealth of tales to tell and a new album to share...and we can tell you that this successor to First Last Contact is outstanding musically and enthralling lyrically. It’s a ticket to the stars and beyond, a voyage into the black. We can’t wait for this new chapter in the history of Spectral Darkwave to begin and can promise you one hell of a ride if you choose join us, on this death or glory charge into the unknown.


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