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Parrilla prepare to release Femme Fatale: Ensnared By Venus

June 25, 2021

Having turned heads with the deceptive darkness of their debut EP, Dancefloor Messiah and their nuanced interpretation of Nirvana’s ‘Breed’, industrial metal boundary breakers Parrilla are back with their most addictive and adventurous release yet. The first part in the Femme Fatale sequence, a trilogy of EPs, Ensnared By Venus will seduce you - and then eat you alive.

Exploring the bloody, diseased heart of twisted, destructive relationships, Ensnared By Venus will lead you through a labyrinth of lust and desire, hopeless love and ultimate despair. It will deceive you, use you and discard you while you run desperately in its wake, clutching the pieces of your shattered pride and soiled sense of worth, begging for more. With beats like triphammers and malicious jabbing riffs, marching beneath siren melodies through streets of neon light and shadows, songs like ‘Law Of Texas’ and ‘Mannequin Complex’ will cruelly carve out their own niche in your brain. From these crimson lairs they will whisper you on to thrilling self-destruction.

The Femme Fatale story will begin on July 30th when Ensnared By Venus steps into the spotlight, ready to beguile and bludgeon in equal measure. If you thought you knew Parrilla before, from ‘Breed’ and Dancefloor Messiah, or their wickedly intense live performances with the likes of Goat Monsoon and the infamous Alien Vampires then think again. This is where it all begins. It is time to dare the wiles of Venus and follow Parrilla over the edge, into a world of all consuming need.

Track Listing:

1 – Law Of Texas
2 – Bleed, Cry, Pray, Die
3 – Show Me
4 – Mannequin Complex
5 – Desire
6 – Femme Fatale


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