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Sea Mosquito prepare to release Fire, Magic & Venom

June 04, 2021

Sea Mosquito, the enigmatic explorers of black metal’s furthest reaches and forgotten places, return with another release that will toy with your perceptions and dismantle your expectations. Telling the story of a single night and one man’s battle for his sanity and soul, through one incredible, multi-faceted piece of music, this is the band’s most ambitious, most successful and most powerful work to date. This is Fire, Magic & Venom.

Over the last three years Sea Mosquito have released a series of challenging and imaginative EPs, including 2019s Inferences, which the band describe as their ‘first major work’. Each one of these releases was a stepping stone, a waypoint along the journey to Fire, Magic & Venom. Within the seething cauldron of their creativity Sea Mosquito have birthed a beast of beautiful paradoxes; it holds you captive in an endless night where time has no meaning, yet feels cursed by brevity when a mournful saxophone heralds the dawn. It opens up vast musical vistas and offers glimpses of other worlds, yet brings you to the brink of panic with its suffocating claustrophobia and the intimacy of its struggle. Immersing yourself in the hypnotic arrangements of Fire, Magic & Venom is an experience like no other and one not soon forgotten.

Sea Mosquito have entwined their fate with Onism Productions, whose burgeoning roster holds a cornucopia of unorthodox riches and this perfect alliance of visions will see Sea Mosquito step from the shadows, into the spotlight, as their journey continues. Look for Fire, Magic & Venom on limited edition cassette and digital formats on July 2nd and deluxe vinyl edition later in 2021. It is time to cross the threshold and be consumed...

Track Listing:

1 – Fire, Magic & Venom


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