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Fleshtorture release Grotesca Doctrina De La Perversidad (Grotesque Doctrine Of Perversity)

July 16, 2021

Thirteen years since their debut album, Physical And Mental Intensity By The Torture, first snared the attention of their now long term label, Brute! Productions, Nicaragua’s Fleshtorture have unveiled the album of their tempestuous career. An enraged assault upon the bastions of religious doctrine, Grotesca Doctrina De La Perversidad (Grotesque Doctrine of Perversity) is death metal personified – its blasphemous battalion of songs a formidable force, armed to the teeth with god slaying riffs and blast beats with the power to hammer down the gates of heaven.

Ever present members, bassist Hanry Cano, drummer Rudy Wolf and vocalist Xhugore are joined by guitarists Lenin Galo and René Schock on the first new full length release from Fleshtorture in a decade. Their musicianship and song writing skills have reached new levels as the years have passed which has enabled them to return with an album whose accomplished consistency is staggering. The songs range from all out, vehement high velocity strikes like ‘Flagelando Almesías (Flogging The Messiah)’ to surging, heavily armoured brutes like ‘Tumba De Niños (Children’s Tomb)’ – and every one of them is laced with venomous atmosphere and hides moments of wicked exhilaration within their terrifying blackened depths. An extra degree of impact has been assured by the mixing and mastering skills of Chris Wisco (Jungle Rot, November’s Doom, Origin etc) and the artwork of John Quevedo Janssens (Those Who Bring The Torture, Sinister etc) ensures that Grotesca Doctrina... looks as glorious in its magnificent damnation as it sounds.

Allied once more with Brute! Productions, champions of the underground, Fleshtorture are prepared to cast down deceitful deities and plant their standard of war in the suppurating flesh of death metal’s ever living corpse. No death metal fan can afford to pass this album by; Grotesca Doctrina De La Perversidad is relentless, unstoppable and quite unmissable.

Track Listing:

1 – Intro: Grotesca Doctrina De La Perversidad (Grotesque Doctrine Of Perversity)
2 – Canibalismo Eclesiástico (Ecclesiastical Cannibalism)
3 – Blasfemando En El Trono De Dios (Blaspheming On The Throne Of God)
4 – Flagelando Almesías (Flogging The Messiah)
5 – Tumba De Niños (Children’s Tomb)
6 – Crucificado, Muerto Y Sepultado (Crucified, Dead And Buried)
7 – Aberracíon Maligna (Malignant Aberration)
8 – Morgue (Morgue)
9 – Crematorio (Crematorium)
10 – Outro


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