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NecroticGoreBeast prepare to release Human Deviance Galore

August 05, 2021

NecroticGoreBeast were facing a tough challenge, following the critically acclaimed nuclear strike of their first, self-titled album, but it’s one they have risen to with surprising ease. Descending from the skies comes second album Human Deviance Galore, armed with a payload of destruction on an unprecedented scale. In the bloody pit fight of brutal death metal there is no longer any doubt who will be the last band standing...

Human Deviance Galore is every bit as heavy as its predecessor, every bit as staggeringly powerful and remorseless in its wanton battery and yet its technical dexterity and intricate song craft have been ratcheted up another notch. At the same time as pounding the listener into dust, songs like ‘Feeding On Abscess’ are working wicked, glistening hooks into the brain, sending corkscrews of twisting guitar work deep into the cerebral cortex. This is an assault you’ll never forget – and not just because of the bruises and broken bones! NecroticGoreBeast’s blend of breathtaking firepower and merciless musicality is matchless and the stunning obscene creation that is Human Deviance Galore is setting new standards for what can be expected from brutal death metal.

The band’s alliance of blood with Comatose Music remains unbroken and the premier label in musical extremity will unveil the superior weaponry of Human Deviance Galore on October 1st. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll bleed and you’ll die when this explosion of ‘Deviant Primitive Debauchery’ arrives at your door.

Track Listing:

1 – Deviant Primitive Debauchery
2 – Grotesque Pathological Anomalies
3 – Obstetric Anthropophagic Feast
4 – Abnormal Postmortem Impregnation
5 – Excremental Hemorrhage Fisting
6 – Blood Clot Climax
7 – Forced Tracheotomy Penetration
8 – Leaking Stoma Intercourse
9 – Feeding On Abscess
10 – Transcendent Martyrdom


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