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Cystectomy prepare to release Deprive To Hollowness

September 14, 2021

This year of plague has brought us a new strain of brutal death metal sickness! Featuring the twisted talents of Oscar Ortega (Strappado, Tortured etc), Randy Leung (Facelift Deformation) and Juan Pablo Flores (Reptilium), Cystectomy have delivered a monument to the enduring, intimidating power of death with the violent assault of debut album Deprive To Hollowness! Ten tracks of virulent venom that combine disturbing atmosphere with fearsome ferocity...

Formed in 2020 and hailing from disparate parts of the globe – Hong Kong, Spain and Ecuador – Cystectomy was created for the glorification of musical extremity, to define the essence of the very heaviest that metal can be and deliver it with unprecedented skill and precision. Ortega’s riffs demonstrate a mastery of the genre developed over decades of experience, Flores’ drumming is stunning in both its intricacy and sheer savagery while Leung’s voice plumbs new depths of inhumanity. The songs this trio have sculpted from gore and blood are monoliths of horror, imperious in their power, chilling in their merciless fury and yet wickedly enticing in their finely crafted structure. Tracks like ‘Witness Of The Cataclysm’, ‘Reincarnation’ and ‘Psychic Boundary’ will tear themselves a lair in the tissue of your brain, establishing a reign of terror in your dreams.

With an alliance signed in blood with Comatose Music, the world’s unquestionable king of brutal death metal labels, everything is in place for Cystectomy’s first incursion into the realms of man. On November 5th the trumpets will sound and the great hollowing will begin!

Track Listing:

1 – Incorporeal Ontologies
2 – Past Life Amnesia
3 – Reincarnation
4 – The Oath Of Falsifiers
5 – Psychic Boundary
6 – Gangrenous Awareness
7 – Holocaust Witness
8 – Grim Season Circulation
9 – Atonement
9 – Witness Of The Cataclysm


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