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Foul Body Autopsy prepare to release Shadows Without Light: Part One

August 31, 2021

With his 2020 Foul Body Autopsy EP, Consumed By Black Thoughts, Tom Reynolds showed not only an expansion of his musical vision and ambition, but also a new honesty and openness in his lyrics. The increasingly deft and dextrous, melodic death metal, rife with irresistible hooks and memorable guitar lines, was accompanied by an exploration of Tom’s own struggles with depression. Both the musical sense of adventure and deeply personal approach to lyric writing have been developed even further on new release, Shadows Without Light: Part One - the first in an exciting trilogy of EPs.

Shadows Without Light: Part One features three different mixes of the single, eponymous track. The first take on ‘Shadows...’ is a straight ahead melodic death metal masterpiece, full of winding guitar lines and a sense of dark overwhelming majesty. The second, the ‘Synth Remix’, is a lighter, brighter version of the song, instrumental, with a gothic/industrial feel. Finally there is the ‘Hybrid Mix’ which nestles between the two previous interpretations, drawing elements from them both to create something new, different again. The subject matter of ‘Shadows Without Light’ sees Tom working through the death of a loved one. It’s a very public way of dealing with a very personal pain, but by sharing his grief Tom hopes to be able to “help someone else along the way.” For its honesty, for its spirit and most of all for its musical endeavour, Shadows Without Light: Part One is another superb addition to the ever more impressive canon of Foul Body Autopsy.

Once again Tom has worked with producer Russ Russell (Amorphis, At The Gates, Dimmu Borgir etc) whose magic touch gave Consumed By Black Thoughts such a powerful sound and the results are just as spectacular. Indeed Russ was even more involved this time around, helping to create the ‘Synth Remix’ track. Shadows Without Light: Part One will be released on October 1st on all black memory sticks, which will include superb artwork created by Arif Rot of Wormrot, exclusively from the Foul Body Autopsy bandcamp page.

Track Listing:

1 – Shadows Without Light
2 – Shadows Without Light (Synth Remix)
3 – Shadows Without Light (Hybrid Mix)


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