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Perveration prepare to release Perversion In Manifest Disease

September 22, 2021

Following on from their 2020 demo, Perveration are back with their stomach churning, soul rending full length debut, Perversion In Manifest Disease. The Indonesian duo of drummer/bassist/guitarist Sahrul Ramadhan (Anthropophagus Depravity, Depraved Murder etc) and vocalist Jossick (Innocent Decomposure, Invigorate etc) are exploring new depths of darkness and depravity with this horrifying album of extreme brutal death metal. Perversion In Manifest Disease is the sound of the insane indulgence of every repugnant impulse that lurks in the warped minds of men.

The tortured tracks that make up this disturbing album have captured the essence of violence; the riffs fall like hammer blows to the skull, the ceaseless drum battery roaring like a hungry harvester of flesh while the monstrous voice of Jossick vomits its profane visions and depraved desires. This is a savage and sordid outpouring, death metal from the sewers and torture dungeons – utterly nightmarish and decidedly not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. From ‘Inoculate Rotten Maggots’ to ‘Erotic Disease’ Perveration have created a warped fever dream of the twisted and grotesque, all delivered with matchless, terrifying force.

Only one label was equipped to deal with this skull shattering aggression, only one label was prepared to join forces with these destroyers of decency, so on November 19th Comatose Music will inject the poison of Perveration into the veins of the world. Perversion In Manifest Disease is coming for you, whispering sickening secrets that will haunt you to the grave.

Track Listing:

1 – Destined To Imitate
2 – Inject, Pleasure and Suffocation
3 – Dying Taste
4 – Covid-69
5 – Inoculate Rotten Maggots
6 – Sanity Depredation
7 – Preserved Agony
8 – Erotic Disease
9 – Manifest Infection


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