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Spectral Darkwave prepare to release At Outer Dark

September 03, 2021

Six years on from their dramatic debut album, Last First Contact, which announced them to the world in such magnificent fashion, the Cthulu worshipping space pirates of Spectral Darkwave have returned – back from years of dark adventure, nefarious deeds and untold wickedness. To match their ever more extravagant exploits and their ever blacker hearts, their music has attained new heights of grandeur and plumbed new depths of horror. They bring you ten new tales of torment and terror, ten new arias of impossible encounters in the night beyond the stars. It is time to discover the monsters that lurk...At Outer Dark.

Last First Contact was notable for its blending of extreme influences and its rampant imagination, but it also suggested that Spectral Darkwave were a band on the brink of connecting with something truly special, something utterly beyond the norm. They have crossed that threshold. At Outer Dark is an explosion of glorious contrasts and contradictions; vibrantly colourful yet black as pitch, toweringly majestic yet insidious and shadow-dwelling, bombastic and brutal, exhilarating and portentous, cruel and thrilling. This is cataclysmic open warfare between doom, death, black and industrial metal – rebellious riffing and militaristic marches, brute force and magic. Tales of ancient battle, old gods and travels beyond the borders of both the universe and reality itself are unfurled.

Having proclaimed their return to the fray from the stage of Bloodstock Open Air, Spectral Darkwave are now ready to unveil their greatest achievement to date, an album like no other. On October 8th At Outer Dark will be unveiled in all its obscene, arcane, mystical might and the boundaries of possibility will be redefined forever.

Track Listing:

1 – The Insertion
2 – 731
3 – The March Of Sses
4 – The First Church Of Chaos
5 – The Founding Of Man
6 – Galactic North
7 – The Last Red Hypergiant
8 – A Season Of Abyssal Screams
9 – A Toll Is Due
10 – Voyage Of The Necronaut
11 – At Outer Dark


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