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Deliberate Miscarriage prepare to release Mortuary Melodies

December 06, 2021

To celebrate the festive season of 2020 they gave us the Ghost Of Christmas Blast EP and this year Deliberate Miscarriage bring the gift of their debut full length album, Mortuary Melodies. The three songs that made up the ...Blast EP have spawned a host of virulent, violent offspring, eager to drown your winter nights in blood. Savagery, sickness and relentless force unleashed, Deliberate Miscarriage have crafted an album of pure death metal destruction that will carve its name into your cold, dead heart.

Since a shared love of the heinous and heavy brought bassist/vocalist Charlie Rogers (ex-Sodomized Cadaver) and guitarist Adam Duffield (Blind Divide) together under the Deliberate Miscarriage banner in 2019 the duo have been progressing at a formidable rate. Just two years into their crusade of carnage they have produced an album to challenge all comers in the crowded death metal scene. Utilising the formidable skin battery skills of Ingested’s Lyn Jeffs was a masterstroke that has infused Mortuary Melodies with a power and pulverising groove that few can match. From the gut-ripping riff onslaught of ‘Entrails Entwined’ that ushers in this nightmare of rot and repugnance, through to the crushing cover of Pestilence’s ‘The Process Of Suffocation’, this album is a feast of grotesque horrors for any devotee of death.

Produced by Nico Beninato (Ingested, Unbounded Terror) and adorned with the stunning, twisted artwork of Phlegeton (Wormed, Avulsed, Gorevent etc), Mortuary Melodies is the complete package. Deliberate Miscarriage are ready to start hacking their way through the competition, leaving a fetid river of gore in their wake. On December 10th those Mortuary Melodies will begin winding their way through your brain like smoke from a funeral pyre and when Deliberate Miscarriage have sunk their claws into your flesh they will never set you free.

Track Listing:

1 - Splattered Toddlers
2 - Fowl So Foul
3 - Exhumed & Molested
4 - Gutted With A Butterknife
5 - Infested Reanimated
6 - Masochistic Masturbation
7 - Fresh Abortion Smoothie
8 - Intestines in the Mudguards
9 - Entrails Entwined
10 - Strapped To The Elephant's Foot
11 - Slow Dance Of Decay
12 - Sodium Laureth Sulfate Asphyxiation
13 - The Right To Die
14 - The Process Of Suffocation


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