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Consecration prepare to release Cinis

April 19, 2022

Having riven the world with grief with their last monumental album, Fragilium, Consecration have delved deep beneath the earth for darker secrets and more sinister spirits. All the tears have fallen now and the dead walk in the ruins of their past lives, invoking scenes of horror, telling tales of pain and betrayal, spreading a mist of cold, overwhelming fear. Consecration have returned, heavier and more imposing than ever before, with an album of haunting nightmares and shades of decay...with Cinis.

Since their beginning with 2010s grim and grotesque Gut The Priest EP, Consecration’s name has been synonymous with the most dauntingly soul-crushing music imaginable. They have siphoned the essence of despair from the veins of the lost, painting their anthems of desolation in its impenetrable shades of black. And for them the journey can only ever march on, downwards into the dark. New album Cinis, a Latin word meaning ‘cold ashes’ and associated with death, destruction and ruin, tears its way into the mouldering corpse of ancient death metal, breaking its hallowed bones beneath a world’s weight of doomed dreams. From the twilight place of ‘The Dweller In The Tumulus’ to the crimson horrors of ‘The Charnel House’ and the colossal ‘Ground To Ashes (A Cremulation)’, to which Dave Ingram (Benediction, ex-Bolt Thrower) adds his inimitable, blood drenched vocals, Cinis is an unforgettable vision of a dark kingdom that lies beyond the shadows.

Now allied with renowned label, Redefining Darkness Records, Consecration are ready to engulf the world in their disturbed dreamscapes. When Cinis begins its majestic march of morbidity on 17th June all shall fall before it, crushed into the ash and mud of failed endeavour and discarded love. This summer a new dark age begins and the future is anything but bright...

Track Listing:

1 – The Dweller In The Tumulus
2 – Ground To Ashes (A Cremulation)
3 – Embrace Of Perpetual Mourning
4 – A Dying Wish
5 – These Fleeting Memories
6 – The Charnel House
7 – A Sentient Haunting
8 – Unto The Earth Bethralled
9 – In Loving Abandonment


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