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Timōrātus prepare to release My Life In A Made Metal Band

April 19, 2022

Two years on from their wickedly humorous insight into life in an underground metal band with My Life In A Mediocre Metal Band, Timōrātus are back - and this time they’re exploring the pleasures and pitfalls of life at the very top. Once again they combine excellent musicianship, a healthy disregard for genre boundaries and conventions with their customary incisive humour to bring us the second part of their exposé of life in the music business – My Life In A Made Metal Band!

The story of My Life In A Made Metal Band sees Timōrātus signed to a huge label and drowning in money! We follow the band as they bask in the glow of huge success, watch them succumb to inflated egos and self satisfaction and bear witness to their inevitable fall from grace and relevance. Of course by the end, with the gloriously grandiose ‘Sorry’ they find redemption, bringing the whole hilarious tragedy to a suitably uplifting end! Each stage of this epic tale is set to a soundtrack of brilliantly performed, wildly irreverent metal. From the celebratory extremity of ‘We Made It’, through the brilliantly dark groove, massive riffs and laugh out loud chorus of ‘Better Than You’, to the industrial crusher that is ‘Can’t Keep Up’ featuring guest appearances by Mac Smith (Alterbeast, Krosis, Decrepit Birth) and Peter Watson (Elephant Watchtower), My Life In A Made Metal Band is an eclectic, comedic triumph.

Timōrātus will be releasing My Life In A Made Metal Band as a joint endeavour with Mythic Panda Productions on June 10th and it will set new standards in the comedy metal arena. Genuinely funny but also packed with great, original songs and excellent individual performances, My Life In A Made Metal Band is the extreme music fan’s feel good album of summer ’22!

Track Listing:

1 – We Made It
2 – Too Famous
3 – Fan Trouble
4 – Better Than You
5 – Best Show Pt 2
6 – Band Briefing
7 – Can’t Keep Up
8 – Lonely
9 – Record Reckoning
10 – We Blew It
11 - Sorry


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