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IMPERIUM prepare to release Iron Thunder

21 April, 2023

The cold winds race across the surging waves, casting a cutting spray of salt water into the faces of every man aboard. We pursue a lonely path through the storm, yet to port and starboard I can almost see them still, sailing with us, the ghosts of the brave fleet that set out with us in splendour and defiance – certain of a triumphant return. They are all together now, beneath the waves, in the dark, emerald silence where the tides gently wash away the wounds of war. But there is no peace for us yet; we have one more battle to fight before we join them. Our guns will speak in barks and roars of varied calibre, their voices gruesome and guttural - and the killing will begin again. Bodies will be torn apart by lead and steel, lives explode into red mist that hangs in the air before falling with the rain to run in crimson streams across the deck. We will sail into a cacophony of noise and fire, through the gates of hell…

A staggering barrage of defiant heavy metal, a broadside of armour piercing riffs delivered with grit, determination, poise and power – welcome to the battle, welcome to the war, to the new single from IMPERIUM – Iron Thunder! Like an ironclad destroyer bursting from the impenetrable fog of a sea fret, the rich, layered guitars emerge from the chaos and gun smoke, with the superb voice of firebrand front man Ben Porter riding their crunching attack; a crazed commander roaring from beside the blazing guns of his ten thousand ton war machine. Lifting Iron Thunder above any number of other full blooded metal tracks are the melodies that permeate the vocals and guitar lines, exposing a deep vein of emotion and melancholy that compliments the bombast of the powerhouse rhythm section – the underlying loss of conflict that waits, a silent reaper, behind the desperate glory and unquestioning bravery. Adding the final sheen of metallic magnificence is a stunning guitar solo from Hardip Sagoo that spirals upwards through the core of Iron Thunder, a perfectly spun thread of silver. Rock solid, instantly memorable and utterly addictive, IMPERIUM have crafted a hugely impressive slice of contemporary metal, having learned every lesson from the past masters and added their own drive and individuality to that potent mix.

Recorded with Oz Craggs at Hidden Tracks Studios (Lauren Harris, Richie Faulkner, Gallows etc) Iron Thunder is blessed with a sound that combines power with clarity, depth with a tactile texture. The only criticism to be levelled at IMPERIUM with this release is that they’ll have left you hungry for more of their thrash tinged, groove imbued heavy metal. A grand step forward from 2022s eponymous EP, Iron Thunder shows IMPERIUM advancing into the future with all guns blazing – taking their place in the vanguard of the UK’s metal forces!

Track Listing:

1 – Iron Thunder

Genre: Heavy Metal
For fans of: Metallica | Armored Saint | Anthrax | Godsized

Ben Porter - Vocals
Rapha Comes - Bass
Hardip Sagoo – Lead Guitar
Scott Lomas – Rhythm Guitar
James Hawes - Drums


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