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Concrete Age prepare to release Motherland

February 26, 2024

A year on from their critically acclaimed Bardo Thodol, Concrete Age have returned with a new album that will redefine their position in the pantheon of extreme metal. The band, featuring multi-instrumentalist and composer Ilia Morozov, guitarist Boris Zahariev and bassist Giovanni M Ruiu, accompanied by drummer Davide Marini, have reached deeper than ever before into their history and heritage, summoning up the spirit of the Caucasus, it’s intertwined communities, its traditions and ancient folk music, blending these elements with the eclectic and dynamic metal music that is Concrete Age’s trademark. The result is a truly unique album, a collection of songs that can transport the listener to another world…welcome to the Motherland.

The ninth full length studio album from Concrete Age, Motherland sees the band reaching a new peak in their long and complex musical journey. Each song on this breathtaking release tells its own story, paints its own vivid picture, bursting with life and colour. The sound of traditional instruments is woven in between the fierce, blazing guitar riffs and uplifting melodies, ethnic chants rise up from dancing drum beats that pulse with the rhythms of the natural world and raging extreme metal charges through these conjured vistas – glorious, exuberant and proud. Every track plays a role within this unfolding journey, each a vital chapter – from the wild stampede of ‘Cossack’s Pride’ to the haunting cry of ‘Nomads’, through the exotic exhilaration of ‘Mouth Of The Elbrus’ with its surging riffs and frantic tempos, onwards to the soul stirring metal magnificence of ‘Adeghag’. You have never heard anything quite like Motherland and you will never forget the time spent in its mountain passes, beneath its vast open skies.

Motherland will be released by SoundAge Productions on April 4th on digital, CD and vinyl formats. For the vinyl edition the band turned to Nargathrond’s Sergey "Lazar" (Panzerfaust, Imperial Age etc) for a specific vinyl master, to ensure the finest listening experience possible. Complete with evocative artwork created by the band’s own Ilia Morozov, Motherland is more than just an album – it’s an expression of spirit and passion, a hymn of homage to a land rich in history, an experience, an adventure, a voyage of discovery.

Track Listing:

1 – Raida Rada
2 – Battle For The Caucasus
3 – Mestizo
4 – Nomads
5 – Mouth Of The Elbrus
6 – Kara Kol
7 – Shalaho
8 – Cossack’s Pride
9 – Adeghag
10 – Hasbulat

Concrete Age - Raida Rada


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