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UnWorthy prepare to release This Present Darkness

April 02, 2024

Southern California deathcore duo, (Un)Worthy announced themselves to the world with their debut album, In The Face Of Death, in 2021. They kept the ball rolling and the momentum building throughout 2022 with a string of ever more successful singles, which included guest appearances from Shawn Moran (While We Were Sinners) and Christian Roche (Diamonds To Dust). All of this led to (Un)Worthy - vocalist Dennis and multi-instrumentalist Jordan - signing with renowned label Rottweiler Records for the 2023 EP Where Light Divides, which drew plaudits from across the underground extreme metal scene and went on to become one of Rottweiler’s fastest selling releases of all time. And still (Un)Worthy show no signs of letting up, of resting on their laurels and letting the enemy get up from the floor…it’s 2024 and it’s time for the next attack!

This Present Darkness is without doubt the most extreme and harrowing release ever to bear the (Un)Worthy name. Featuring seven tracks of unrelenting vehemence, this new EP is a truly soul-shaking listening experience. Opening track and first single, ‘Forsaken By God’, masterfully builds the tension through layers of oppressive and unsettling atmosphere before unleashing a monumental assault upon the senses - towering guitars, drum beats like bomb blasts and vocals that switch between the utterly bestial and the completely agonized and bereft of hope. After this opening bombardment This Present Darkness drags the listener on a terrifying trip through a claustrophobic darkness pierced only by the occasional eerie light of alien guitar melodies, twisting like grotesque ghosts within the maelstrom of noise. Imposing guest appearances from Conner Luttig (Voluntary Mortification) and Joe Holt (Holy Name) add additional nightmarish shades and textures to the unremitting assault as the EP plunges ever deeper into desolation, through the mournful cry of ‘Psalm Of Lament’, on to the full speed, full violence climactic cacophony of ‘The Journey Home’. This Present Darkness is (Un)Worthy at their most powerful, potent and punishing best.

Continuing their alliance of steel with Rottweiler Records, (Un)Worthy will unleash the staggering shock to the system that is This Present Darkness on May 17th, complete with stark, unforgiving artwork and a production that blends fearsome presence with intimidating intensity and terrifying force. Be ready for a deathcore assault of deadly dedication, without concessions, without compromise.

Track Listing:

1 – Forsaken By God (feat. Conner Luttig)
2 – This Present Darkness
3 – Satan Whispers
4 – Psalm Of Lament
5 – This Too Shall Pass (feat. Joe Holt)
6 – The Spirit Speaks
7 – The Journey Home

(Un)Worthy - Forsaken By God


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