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Shamash prepare to release Done With Misery (Nos Pergamos In Domine Saluteum)

April 05, 2024

More than two years in the making, much delayed and even more greatly anticipated, the debut full length album from Malaysia’s Shamash is finally ready to be unleashed! Over the course of its ten tracks Done With Misery (Nos Pergamos In Domine Saluteum) fulfils every hope and keeps every promise, delivering a stunning display of progressively minded, melodic and crushingly heavy metal. With song writing flair, passionate performances and unbridled imagination and creativity Shamash have created an unforgettable album that will capture the hearts of fans worldwide.

Opening with the driving, emotive and anthemic ‘Not By My Heart’ Shamash immediately demonstrate their innate ability to perfectly entwine massively heavy riffs, devastating beats and coruscating vocals with beautiful melodies, infused with heartfelt emotion…and that is just the beginning. With every song, Done With Misery… grows in stature as it explores new musical territories and draws the listener deeper into its enthralling atmosphere with irresistible hooks and exhilarating spirit. Each track, be it the punishing attack of ‘The Missionary’, featuring guest appearances from Pathos and Asaph of Symphony Of Heaven and Bryce Maopolski of Brotality, the intoxicating sonic adventure of ‘War For Jerusalem’ or the uplifting space to breathe that is ‘Interlude’ plays a vital role in the narrative of this impressive and accomplished collection. There is a strength to be found within the music of Shamash, a sense that these songs will be with you through good times and bad. Done With Misery… will speak to you, ride with you wherever life takes you.

Mixed and mastered by Derek Corzine (Symphony Of Heaven, Testimony Of Apocalypse, Scarlet Oath etc) to allow every element of these songs to shine, Done With Misery (Nos Pergamos In Domine Saluteum) will step into the light on June 14th – marching proudly under the banner of Rottweiler Records. One of the albums of the year is on its way…

Track Listing:

1 – Not By My Heart
2 – Done With Misery
3 – The Missionary
4 – Take Me As I Am
5 – Father Of Lies
6 – In Memoriam
7 – Interlude
8 – Nos Pergamos In Domine Saluteum
9 – War For Jerusalem
10 – The Return Of Al Masih

Shamash - Take Me As I Am


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