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Aeons prepare to release The Ghosts Of What We Knew

June 05, 2024

It’s been nearly three years since The Isle Of Man’s premier exponents of innovative, emotive, progressive metal released Consequences, their groundbreaking second album. Consequences landed in an explosion of colour and vitality in September 2021, garnering praise from the worldwide metal media and capturing the hearts of countless fans. It hit writers’ Best Albums Of 2021 lists everywhere from Scream Blast Repeat to Worship Metal, Tuonela Magazine to Metal Italia and Global Metal Apocalypse, while single ‘Blight’ premiered with Zero Tolerance Magazine and the band played their first headline show in London. But now it’s time to move on, to look to the future as Aeons prepare to unleash album number three, The Ghosts Of What We Knew…

Put simply The Ghosts Of What We Knew surpasses Consequences in every way; its imaginative scope, the stunning individual performances, the ambition of the song writing, the emotional power harnessed within the nine tracks – it’s a breathtaking achievement. Every song is a highlight in its own right, such is the consistency of composition, but the smoothly beguiling ‘Blood’ with its chorus that winds its way into your memory with one listen has to be mentioned, as does the incredible, energy infused ‘Circles’ with its array of deft touches and meticulous details…and the staggering epic that is ‘Collapse’, a genuine masterpiece of such breadth and depth, that leads you through so many musical chapters on its wonderful journey to the album’s conclusion. Albums like The Ghosts Of What We Knew are rare indeed; artistic endeavours that reveal more secrets and nuances with every listen, built from songs that you will carry in your heart to the end of your days.

An album as intricate as The Ghosts Of What We Knew needs the perfect sound to allow its power, its emotion and its dextrous musicianship to be fully appreciated. That final touch of magic was applied by the mastering of Sebastian ‘Seeb’ Levermann of German power metal band Orden Ogan. Seeb has been an admirer of and advocate for Aeons for years, so his understanding of their music coupled with his studio experience with the likes of Asphyx, Brainstorm, Rhapsody Of Fire and Ross The Boss made him the perfect man for the job. The Ghosts Of What We Knew will be released by Sliptrick Records on July 2nd and new standards in the progressive metal field will be set.

Track Listing:

1 – Noose
2 – Home
3 – Blood
4 – Circles
5 – Thanatos
6 – Cascade
7 – Ghosts
8 – Machines
9 – Collapse

Aeons - Circles


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