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Carnivore Diprosopus prepare to release Rise Of The Insurrection

June 10, 2024

Over a decade since their last album release, Colombian war machine, Carnivore Diprosopus have roared back into life with a brand new collection of high calibre brutal death metal. Rise Of The Insurrection is a monstrous armour plated beast, armed to the teeth, ruthless and relentless. Heavier than ever and as fiercely focussed on the absolute annihilation of all those who oppose them, Carnivore Diprosopus are back to herald in a new age of total warfare!

Like some kind of super-tank ploughing through the mud and guts of the battlefield, all guns blazing as bones shatter beneath its tracks, every element of Rise Of The Insurrection is designed to devastate. From the opening barrage of ‘Insurrection Ordinance’ to the insane aggression of closing bonus track ‘Whore Collector Of Testicles’, a reanimated corpse from the first Carnivore Diprosopus album, Filled My Stomach With A Pregnant’s Corpse, with added vocal violence from Slamentation man Rene Barthoulot, there is no let up in this act of musical annihilation. Through the scorched earth approach of ‘Dhamaneon’ and the deluge of decimation that is ‘The Refaim Machine Brigades’ the sheer force and intensity of Carnivore Diprosopus’ delivery is shocking. Abominable Putridity’s Angel Ochoa is drafted into the trenches for the machinegun massacre of ‘The Onslaught…Cyborg Tank Division’, his caustic vocals adding yet another layer of blood and iron to this album of wanton destruction.

Now enlisted in the Comatose Music legion of death, Carnivore Diprosopus are ready for their most intensive campaign yet, taking on the metal underground on all fronts. Rise Of The Insurrection will go over the top on August 9th, adorned in the battle armour artwork of Pedro ‘Lordigan’ Sena (Analepsy, Ingested, Putrid Pile etc). Prepare to raise the flag of surrender or be blasted into bits!

Track Listing:

1 – Insurrection Ordinance (Intro)
2 – Begin Redemption
3 – Dhamaneon
4 – The Battle Of The Saicasm (Ariel Predator)
5 – The Onslaught…Cyborg Tank Division (feat. Angel Ochoa)
6 – Khristov’s Seventh Eagle Legion
7 – The Refaim Machine Brigades
8 – Psycho Mincer Assault Corps
9 – Whore Collector Of Testicles (feat. Rene Barthoulot – bonus track)

Carnivore Diprosopus - Begin Redemption


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