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Tyraels Ascension prepare to release Hell Walker

June 18, 2024

Tyraels Ascension are an alliance of metal forces, bringing together members of Deathbreaker, Hangfire, Bury Your Burdens and Bloom Within to create one incredible onslaught of extreme, modern metal. Breathtaking lead guitar work spirals above thunderous rhythms and intimidating vocals, weaving intricate webs of melody and adrenaline around a carapace of battle hardened steel. Together the warriors of Tyraels Ascension have forged a sound that defines what metal means today, blending musicality and imagination with aggression and formidable power. Stand at their side as they enter the kingdom of the beast and follow in the footsteps of the Hell Walker!

From very first song, ‘The Prophecy’, Hell Walker sends you spinning across an incredible landscape of desolation, riding in the slipstream of the guitars that dive, tumble, cascade like falling stars and rise again to dizzying heights. ‘The Descent’ follows, a distillation of fearsome intensity and utterly exhilarating solos that climb from a beautiful acoustic interlude, carrying you through the momentous, earthshaking drum beats. Every single song that has been brought together to tell the tale of the Hell Walker possesses these moments of absolute metal magic; passages of perfection that will remind longstanding metal fans why they first became devotees of this music and igniting flames of passion within the hearts of new listeners that will burn until the end. The fact that Hell Walker is Tyraels Ascension’s debut album makes its captivating explosion of emotion, excitement and sheer thrilling heaviness an even more monumental achievement. Whether Hell Walker is a single breathtaking, exploding star in the night sky, or just the beginning of something legendary – it is a special album with a world to offer.

Adorned in artwork as spectacular as the music held within, Hell Walker will stride forth into the world on August 2nd, marching proudly beneath the banner of Rottweiler Records. Released in conjunction with the Hell Walker album there will also be Tyraels Ascension: Hell Walker the video game, featuring the music of Tyraels Ascension. Created by Kisimul Studio, in association with Rottweiler Records, the game will allow fans to completely immerse themselves in the world of the Hell Walker! Find out more about Tyraels Ascension: Hell Walker the video game here.
More than just an album, Hell Walker will take you on the adventure of a lifetime.

Track Listing:

1 – The Prophecy
2 – Descent
3 – Architect
4 – The Dead Lights
5 – Prelude To War
6 – The Art Of War
7 – When The Hero Dies
8 – Holy Fire
9 – Cutting Ties
10 – Twin Angels
11 – Inferno
12 – Time Of The Witcher

Tyraels Ascension - Holy Fire


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