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Attractive Chaos prepare to release Tame & Conquer

June 26, 2024

A little over a year since Attractive Chaos exploded in the consciousness of metal fans the world over with the vibrant colours and infectious joy in music of debut EP, The Fire Between Us, the Franco-Italian conjurers of grand illusion have returned to capture our hearts once more. The spirit lifting flame burns brightly in the darkness again as six new songs of love, passion, hope and belief are unveiled…Tame & Conquer is here!

Tame & Conquer is alive with the same bewitching magic that drew so many to the warm embrace of The Fire Between Us – the enchanting vocals of Emma Elvaston still lead the listener in a wonderful dance, spinning golden threads of melody around the majestic riffs and breathtaking solos of Clément Botz, while the sonorous heartbeat of Pietro Paolo Lunesu’s accomplished bass work drives, lifts, supports and wanders beneath in perfect synchronicity. Yet Attractive Chaos have not stood still, their cumulative creative energies have seen them push their boundaries, explore new territories and add a sheen of sophistication to their work. From the beautifully understated elegance of ‘Words On A Letter’ that enfolds you in the soft tones of evening, to the adventurous, expansive and exciting ‘Obsession’, from the exuberant new single ‘To The Moon’, to the glorious expression of freedom that is ‘Finally’, Tame & Conquer will captivate listeners with its spellbinding melodies and graceful execution.

Immaculately mixed and mastered at Domination Studio (Nightmare, Karl Sanders, Twilight Force etc) and adorned in the exquisite artwork of Mickael Briot of Mythrid Art (Evenflow, In Defilade etc), Tame & Conquer will be unveiled on August 14th, shortly before Attractive Chaos perform at the Rock Castle festival in the Czech Republic with Epica, Kreator, Amon Amarth and many more. A tour with metal legends Victory will follow in the Autumn, making 2024 a monumental year for Attractive Chaos – join them as they ascend to the stars!

Track Listing:

1 – To The Moon
2 – Magical Powers
3 – Words On A Letter
4 – Finally
5 – Right Now
6 – Obsession

Attractive Chaos - To the Moon


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