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The Imperative PR service:

Mission statement:

Since 2014 Imperative PR have been building a reputation for great quality, great service and great results. We have worked with bands and labels from across the music spectrum, demonstrating a real passion for and personal connection to every release we handle and every band we help to take the next step up in their career. The IPR team can boast years of experience working for internationally distributed print magazines, contributing to some of the most vibrant music webzines on the net, heading up successful live promotion agencies, running small, independent record labels and even as recording artists in their own right. All those accumulated skills and experience make Imperative PR a music pr and management company with a unique insight to the industry as a whole. Perhaps even more important than all that accumulated knowledge and experience though, is the undying passion for music that everyone at IPR possesses and our belief in the artists we promote. We only work with bands we love, bands whose potential stands out for us, bands who we are proud to have on our roster. Because of that selective approach we genuinely care about the music we promote and that gives us the drive to succeed – and our success is your success. In today’s crowded music market place, getting the right team behind your music is IMPERATIVE.

Band PR Campaigns:

When you have spent months writing and recording a new release, you then have to make sure it gets heard by the right people. Imperative PR will get your release to thousands of the most relevant music media outlets around the world. However, just delivering your music to media outlets is not enough in itself. We will also make sure your music is presented in the most professional and effective manner, with a top class press pack that will make a strong, positive first impression. Everything will be written and designed in a manner that will have reviewers interested in what you have to offer before they even hear a note of music. Then, once your music has been heard by the most pertinent targets, carefully selected from our extensive database, we will actively pursue review and interview opportunities and make all interview arrangements on your behalf, liaising between you and all interested parties. All reviews, interviews and news pieces will be shared by us on all our social media platforms – facebook, twitter, instagram etc – and linked to you and the publication responsible, giving the maximum possible exposure to your band or project. This level of service goes far beyond what other PR agencies are able to offer.
Read the views of satisfied clients here

“We had worked hard on an album that wasn't getting the promotion it needed. As soon as Imperative PR were involved everything changed; immediately they helped work out a strategy and managed to get the album noticed in many mainstream magazines as well as webzines and radio. We cannot overstate how pleased we are with the work Paul and Chris have done.”
- Ian Arkley, My Silent Wake

Management & Consultation:

Since we began in 2014 Imperative PR has been working successfully alongside select bands and helping them to realise their full potential. When you are managed by Imperative PR we become part of your team. We will be there to help you plan an effective, cohesive strategy for your development over the months and years ahead, offering support every step of the way and critical advice on all the business and financial decisions that you encounter. We will help you to open doors and make real progress in your career. Each relationship will develop organically to suit each band and the current stage of their career, but where appropriate management deals will cover coordinated approaches to suitable labels and full promotional support for any band releases. We have a roster of diverse bands who are all thriving with Imperative PR on their team – read their positive appraisals of our service here.

“After playing Bloodstock festival we wanted to push ourselves to the next level instead of falling by the wayside like we had seen happen to a countless number of bands. After hearing excellent things about Imperative PR from our good friend Dickie from The Drowning we immediately got in touch with them to see what they could offer us. Within weeks Paul and Chris had used their phenomenal range of expertise, knowledge, skills, contacts and experience to push Body Harvest to a level we would have really struggled to get to on our own. Our only regret is that we didn’t use them sooner!”
- Jake, Body Harvest

Label Search:

Despite the seismic changes that have occurred in the modern music industry, changing the way the business operates forever, affiliation to a reputable record label remains of enormous value to bands. At Imperative we have, combined, well over twenty years of experience working in internationally distributed print media. This has enabled us to build relationships within the industry based upon mutual respect. Record labels know that if they are approached by us in regard to a band, then that band is worth taking seriously as a potential investment. A band recommended by Imperative PR will be listened to, not just consigned to the vast pile of unsolicited approaches that labels sift through, or simply deleted. We can get your music heard, by the right people. We will work with you to prepare a top class presentation package to accompany your music and make sure that your band and your music are seen in the best possible light in order to make the most immediate and impressive impact possible. As well as finding a deal we also handle all the negotiations and contract details, making sure you get an arrangement that you are happy with and will benefit the band.
To date we have succeeded in finding a label for every band that has invested in this service. Read about our success stories here.

“Thanks to Imperative, we earned a place to feature on Sony's Speed Kills VII alongside other giants of Black Metal such as Akercocke and Voices, and recently signed to international German label Schwarzdorn for the release of our debut album, Black Mass Ritual.”
– Morath, Formicarius

Additional Promotional Campaigns:

Not everything that needs promoting is a new release. We are not trapped into a ‘one size fits all’ approach at Imperative PR; we approach every project individually. If you have a new video you want to get seen, a book you want people to hear about, a tour, festival or gig that you need to be as successful as possible or even a special offer you are running in your band or label store that will only pay dividends if enough people know it’s happening, we will build a campaign that works for you. Whatever it is you are working on we will create a press pack that makes it a story that editors will want to feature. Whatever it is that you need promoting we will adapt, innovate and make it a success.
Read satisfied clients’ comments about our diverse and successful promotional campaigns here.

"Imperative PR are true masters of their craft. Despite the fact that our album was released more than two years ago, Chris and Paul provided us with considerable assistance promoting it. We received a lot of publications from different zines and portals, and our debut music video got more than 25000 views within two months! If you need promotion, then Imperative PR is a great choice."
- Conflict

Press Pack Creation:

A band needs a top class press pack that will cover a wide range of approaches. The documents we supply will be individually tailored for your needs, never following some generalised template. We will listen to your music, read up on your back story and draw out every positive, applying the focus to the most relevant and helpful aspects of your career to date. Every word will be chosen specifically to highlight the qualities of your band. Everything will be written and designed in a manner that will have reviewers, managers, promoters and booking agents interested in what you have to offer before they even hear a note of music. This sort of professional approach will put you one step ahead of the competition.
Read how satisfied our clients have been with the results our work can achieve here.

“I feel very confident working with Imperative PR...From press releases to biographies and more, they’ve supplied us with their beautifully written wordings. Me and The More I See felt much stronger in the knowledge that we had Imperative on board and promoters were much more willing to book the band.”
- Gizz Butt, The More I See, The Prodigy, English Dogs, Pyogenesis

Technical Information:

Industry approved delivery platform:
The delivery platform we use is recognised across the music industry and trusted by major record labels for the promotion of their high profile releases. When we contact magazines and other media outlets around the world to promote your release, you can be confident that the approach won’t appear as ‘just another e-mail’ or be mistaken for unwelcome spam. Our template will display your album artwork and press release and a personalised address will appear in the e-mail dispatch. Taking the process forward, our delivery platform will then enable us to track who has downloaded your release, who has listened to it and collect feedback. All releases are watermarked to help us identify anyone who might seek to spread your music without permission, and pursue suitable courses of action.

Latest Music: