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A few words on our services from some of our artists:

PR campaign testimonials:

"I work on a daily basis with about 7 different PR agencies to promote the bands from my label but Imperative PR is simply the best among them! Paul and Chris do a great job and I can highly recommend them!"
Shadow - Odium Records

"My experience with Chris and Paul at Imperative PR has been incredible! I've only been working with them for about six months [as of July '18] and they have far exceeded my expectations. They are knowledgeable, courteous, professional and very meticulous on every detail of a promotional campaign. They are extremely prompt with communicating and keep me posted daily on any news, reviews and possible interviews. Imperative PR has a widespread network in the metal community and gets the well deserved exposure for the bands that they promote, I'm very thankful for their outstanding service."
Steve Green - Comatose Music

"When it comes to a PR campaign for a relatively unknown band on a small indie label wishing to take the promotion of their next/album release to the next level, Imperative PR definitely delivers! The IPR team is communicative, cooperative, friendly, supportive and most professional at what they do, considering the potential of every artist and release on an individual basis and adopting a carefully tailored custom approach for every project. As a client you feel that Imperative PR are truly committed to making the most of each release through utilising their extensive global contact network. Among the many music PR agencies out there, Imperative PR are a trustworthy, reliable and no-nonsense partner at an unbeatable price-quality ratio, whose excellent services I can warmly recommend."
Juho - Burntfield

"It has been a pleasure to work with the guys at Imperative PR on several of our label releases. They're always very communicative, professional and efficient. They have a talent for understanding and conveying the spirit of a release in their well written press packs. They clearly appreciate extreme metal and this is what keeps Clobber Records coming back for more"
Rebecca and Jaff - Clobber Records

"Imperative PR have been amazing from the moment that they first took a chance on a band releasing its debut album and there is no doubt in my mind that their involvement has helped us to reach further than we possibly could have done if we’d decided to go it alone. Despite regular contact keeping us completely informed, the most important part is that, in those rare moments of quiet, you know that Paul and Chris are still there, working away in the background, getting your music out there.
Friendly, helpful, passionate – these are words you don’t hear as much as you should in the music industry, but all three apply to Paul and Chris. I have no hesitation at all in recommending them to any band who want their music to stand out from the ever-expanding crowd and I know that they will be my first port of call when we come to our next release. They treated our music with as much care as if it was their own, and it’s been a pleasure to work alongside them."
Phil Stiles - Final Coil

"I wanted to convey my absolute and complete admiration for what you have done for 'A Collection II'. Imperative PR has truly exceeded any and all expectations. The album has turned up in so many fantastic places and it has received some incredible coverage, including many full-length reviews. Again, this exceeded any expectations. Without hesitation, I can wholeheartedly recommend Imperative PR to other ambient artists/projects. It has been nothing but a pleasure."
In The Absence Of Words

"When looking for a PR company to promote our album, Imperative PR immediately caught our eye because they stressed that they only worked with bands whose music they loved and were proud of having in their roster. Since our musical style is rather eccentric, we felt that we needed a PR company that would both understand our music and know what outlets to send it to. All the more happy were we when Imperative PR accepted our inquiry for promotional services. It has been a huge pleasure to work with the IPR team: they have all the way helped us swiftly with any questions we had, tailored the campaign to fit our schedule, and in general did an excellent job to get our music out there. The attention our album got through the PR campaign by far exceeded our expectations! The videos got significantly more views and engagement than what we achieved during self-promotion, we got news releases, reviews and followers from both Europe and the Americas and have never before had so much streaming activity on Bandcamp. So we are really happy with the services IPR has provided and can highly recommend them!"

"A rare gem. The team at Imperative PR are essential for underground bands and labels to invest their trust. Clear communication, professional til the end and these guys go over and beyond for your campaign needs! First recommendation and go to with PR. Ave IPR"
Shane Giess - MSH Music Group

"You never know what you're going to get when hiring a new PR company and so I approached Imperative with a degree of caution. However I need not have worried - Paul and Chris produced an effective promo pack for my last release and got it out to all the right people, resulting in me receiving three times as many reviews as my previous album got and raising the band's profile significantly. They were quick to respond to any of my queries during the campaign and were able to address any concerns I had. For these reasons, I'll have no hesitation in coming back to Imperative for my next release."
Ben Sizer - Arx Atrata

"We had the distinct pleasure of working with Imperative PR for promoting our debut album, Djupets kall. They launched a successful campaign that really got the album out there and covered in the right channels; online zines, print magazines, blogs and podcasts. It exceeded my expectations by far. Chris and Paul at Imperative really know their stuff. They are fast in response and always available to answer whatever questions you might have. They make sure that your band get the attention it deserves. I'd be happy to work with them again for our next campaign."
Petter - ORO

"Imperative PR are true masters of their craft. Despite the fact that our album was released more than two years ago, Chris and Paul provided us with considerable assistance promoting it. We received a lot of publications from different zines and portals, and our debut music video got more than 25000 views within two months! If you need promotion, then Imperative PR is a great choice."

"Imperative PR have offered: fantastic publicity, advice and have certainly garnered us much more widespread attention. Easy to work with at an excellent price. Come to these guys for anything from advice to a label push."
Kieron - Forged In Black

"One of the realizations that musicians gather through empirical observation is that there are some entities that do nothing but speak, and other entities that lead by example through action. Imperative PR is firmly part of the latter, and is a beacon of professionalism that shines in the abyss of darkness; masters of their craft; leaders by way of direct action and engagement. From the point of initiation of our PR campaign, Imperative PR went above and beyond the call of duty to spread the news of our music throughout the international heavy metal community. They effectively executed a highly successful PR campaign on CURSE THE FALL’s behalf with swift and decisive executive function on very short notice of our album dropping. As a band, and as individuals, we could not have been happier with the results of the fantastic job they did! Highly recommended for all heavy acts who are interested in taking themselves to the next level!"
Curse The Fall

"Downstream was certainly a milestone album for us, so we desired to get it an exposure. While working with Imperative, we got exactly what we expected and what we paid for. Nowadays, when promotion has become a vital measure to omit your work drowning in oblivion, these men do their job quickly, thoroughly and with much ardor. We thank Chris and Paul from the bottom of our black hearts and hope that some day we will work with them again."

"We had worked hard on an album that wasn't getting the promotion it needed. As soon as Imperative PR were involved everything changed; immediately they helped work out a strategy and managed to get the album noticed in many mainstream magazines as well as webzines and radio. We cannot overstate how pleased we are with the work Paul and Chris have done; they have genuinely supported the band in ways we weren't expecting and were always there to answer emails without any delay. We would recommend Imperative PR to anyone needing professional help and backing for their band. I guarantee you won't be dissappointed!"
Ian - My Silent Wake

“I feel very confident working with Imperative PR, these guys have pushed us everywhere they can and taken advantage of every opportunity. From press releases to biographies and more, they’ve supplied us with their beautifully written wordings whenever we’ve asked and grabbed every review and interview opportunity. Me and The More I See felt much stronger in the knowledge that we had Imperative on board and promoters were much more willing to book the band.”
Gizz - The More I See

"They say they have combined years of experience, it's totally evident! They demonstrate total focus and dedication, and always stick to their word. If you're an extreme metal band looking for extra exposure - this is the company to lend a hand. After 2 campaigns with them already, they never fail to surpass expectation!"
Byron - Monumentomb

"Working with Imperative has been nothing short of a master stroke. Because of these guys help getting us out there to a new audience we have increased our fanbase tenfold. Both Paul and Chris are great guys who work hard for the bands they represent. If you're in a band that wants to reach out to the next level, don't hesitate. These guys know what they are doing. I look forward to working with them in the future."
Ben - Neverworld

"With Imperative PR you are working with people who know the extreme metal scene inside out, and therefore able to provide the right advice. We have have been really impressed with the coverage we received on our EP release and are looking forward to working with Imperative for the next 12 months."
Shoi - De Profundis

"Since Frozen Ocean never had a professional promotion service before, the work with Imperative PR was the very first experience, and it brought no disappointment at all. Professional approach, excellent communication, wide spectrum of contacts and real care for promoted release gathered truly unexpected results. Frozen Ocean declares an inmeasurable gratitude for Imperative and would be happy to work with you again"
Vaarwel - Frozen Ocean

"I have Chris and Paul at Imperative PR handling the promo side of things for me which is great as that is a massive part of an album release that former labels have done badly! I’m very excited to be working with them as they are fantastic at what they do!"
Kev - Crowned In Earth

Management testimonials:

"Paul and Chris have been amazing for us in Consecration. We have had the pleasure of their expertise across a number of our releases since we started working with them in 2018, and they have helped us to grow immeasurably as a band. Particularly of note is the recent label search for our latest album Cinis which saw us find a very fitting home with Redefining Darkness Records in the US. We are very pleased with all the hard work they provided in securing the deal with one of our first-choice labels, and the assistance in negotiating the terms of the contract for us. All the effort they put in on our behalf, and quick assistance with any query we had was fantastic. Imperative are always on hand for help and advice, we would not hesitate to recommend IPR’s services to other bands seeking to take that next step in their career."
Daniel - Consecration

"Trying to find your place in a crowded industry can be immensely difficult, but working with Imperative PR has really helped to clear away a lot of the chatter and allow us to focus on our music. Always available (even at the most unseemly of hours), Paul and Chris deal with pretty much anything you throw their way in a quick and efficient manner and there is no doubt in our minds that their guidance and support has helped us to reach a much wider audience than if we had attempted to go it alone. Friendly, helpful and yet professional where it counts, Paul and Chris have a passion for the music they represent which is absolutely crucial and their enthusiasm is infectious. We can’t recommend Imperative highly enough and we hope to remain a part of their roster for a long time to come."
Phil Stiles - Final Coil

"After playing Bloodstock festival we wanted to push ourselves to the next level instead of falling by the wayside like we had seen happen to a countless number of bands. After hearing excellent things about Imperative PR from our good friend Dickie from The Drowning we immediately got in touch with them to see what they could offer us. Within weeks Paul and Chris had used their phenomenal range of expertise, knowledge, skills, contacts and experience to push Body Harvest to a level we would have really struggled to get to on our own. Our only regret is that we didn’t use them sooner!"
Jake – Body Harvest

"With such a vast wealth of experience, expertise and contacts, working with Imperative is quite literally imperative to any band's aims of development. A combination of dedicated and full on support combined with total honesty and constructive criticism has helped bring Formicarius to places we would never have deemed feasible within our relatively short existence."
Nazarkardeh - Formicarius

"Well connected within the metal industry, always 5 minutes away from responding to your queries and happy to kick your ass when necessary. De Profundis wouldn't have grown the way it has in the last year without the sound managerial expertise of Imperative."
Shoi - De Profundis

"Working with Chris and Paul has made an incredible difference to our outlook and profile, they made us re-evaluate our plans and reinstalled the values and ambitions that we had for the band when we formed all those years ago. As a result they are able to open doors which we've been unable to even knock on before."
Rich - Solitary

"Imperative pr have undoubtedly helped us take our product to the next level. Being able to work with industry level experts on a daily basis has enabled us to improve our approach to live shows, recording and marketing. Imperative have an approachable yet driven manner which will help any band aspiring for bigger and better opportunities."
Forged In Black

"Imagine that suddenly (actually, not) you don’t have to carry all the organizational burdens related to your music anymore and therefore can spend all your spare time on creation of new wonderful songs. Sounds like a dream, eh? However, you can be as close to this dream as it is physically possible, when Imperative PR takes care of your band or project. Just finished new release and want it to get covered in press? Manage a support tour? Roll a promotional video over news portals? Get this done and focus on your music instead with continuous informational support of Chris and Paul. Frozen Ocean is certainly more than satisfied with results of this fruitful year."
Vaarwel - Frozen Ocean

"Imperative PR offer a comprehensive management deal which includes label search and promotion. MSW were recently signed under the guidance of Chris and Paul and they helped with getting us free from a previous deal. During our year with them, they also helped us with advice as well as sending material to various magazines. They are always reachable very quickly and are both great people to work with."
Ian - My Silent Wake

Label search testimonials:

"Having worked with Imperative PR for promoting our debut album “Djupets Kall” the choice was easy when we were looking for someone to help us secure a deal for our second album. Once again, Chris and Paul have delivered beyond our expectations and landed us a deal with the prestigious Hammerheart Records to release the album. They really know their stuff and are easy and professional to work with. One thing I explicitly appreciate about them is that they are always quick to respond to whatever questions you might have, and quick to update you on what’s going on with your campaign. This makes you feel that you are in good hands (which you are!!) and that they are on top of things at all times (which they are!!). So, do I recommend working with Imperative PR? HELL FUCKING YES!!"
Petter - ORO

"Finding the right label for the debut album of THE PROGRESSIVE SOULS COLLECTIVE together with Chris and Paul from Imperative PR was a blast! Their dedication and attention to detail are phenomenal, and their network in the music business is very extensive and well maintained. There's no question about label search that these guys cannot answer."
Florian Zepf - The Progresive Souls Collective

"The support received working with Imperative has been fantastic and their knowledge and experience was invaluable during the label search. They clearly understood the music and vision for Old Corpse Road and created a great package to target our music towards appropriate labels. Once negotiations commenced they were always on hand to answer any questions and worked tirelessly to get the best deal for us. We are pleased to have our new album On Ghastly Shores Lays the Wreckage Our Lore released on German label Trollzorn. Without Imperative we would not be getting ready to launch to a wider audience."
The Watcher – Old Corpse Road

"We had just completed our new album Parasitic Slavery and were at a loss as to what the next step was to proceed. We had talked about self-releasing or searching for a label ourselves, but this had ended badly with our previous release. Within a few days of Imperative PR’s Label Search, we were signed to Comatose Music USA. We were absolute blown away that we had got on a label of this magnitude and the insanely quick speed of this process."
Jake – Body Harvest

"Working with Imperative has been an absolute pleasure. From the very start they have encouraged and focused us as a band, and used their large network of industry contacts to push Formicarius further than it has ever been before. Their enthusiasm for our music and our vision is unfettered and infinitely helpful, and their frequent contact and impartial advice on matters big and small have always acted as a voice of reason and experience as we navigate the tumultuous music business.
Thanks to Imperative, we earned a place to feature on Sony's Speed Kills VII alongside other giants of Black Metal such as Akercocke and Voices, and recently signed to International German label Schwarzdorn for the release of our debut album, Black Mass Ritual.
Morath - Formicarius

"Label search was always an exhausting practice for me, and every single time Frozen Ocean was in need to home a new release it turns to a hell of no response, endless waiting and subconscious humiliation. The last time was especially unfortunate, so I decided to get solicited and took a mediation advice from Imperative PR whom I already worked with. As a result, Frozen Ocean got an excellent deal with Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings, and this is a goal I could hardly achieve by myself. Chris and Paul guided Frozen Ocean through all stages of the deal signing and did a great job, including sorting out the legal subtleties in the contract. I am infinitely grateful to IPR and really proud to declare Frozen Ocean to be under their management from now on."
Vaarwel - Frozen Ocean

"A highly methodical approach to label hunting ensured that De Profundis received the best deal possible."
Shoi - De Profundis

"The Imperative PR label search is a fantastic tool for bands looking for the best available deal with the material they already have to hand. Imperative PR put together an impressive package for sending to labels which is impossible to ignore. MSW recently signed to a label in Germany for our new ambient release whilst using this service."
Ian - My Silent Wake


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