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Traumatomy - Extirpation Paradigms

  • Traumatomy


    RELEASE DATE: MAY 07th 2021

    From beyond the stars and beneath the ocean’s depths, older than the first breath of life or the first thought. Dwellers of the deep chambers and the distant darknesses, alien in every facet of their being they are the archetypes of chaos and the physical manifestation of madness...and they tire of us; of our perpetual noise and constant illuminating of the night, our endless scrabbling for pattern, method and the imposition of order. Our brief spark has flickered on too long. It is time for the restoration of eternal silence and the dissolution of structure; it is time for humanity to be dissolved, back into the primordial ooze from which it crawled unnoticed. Their titan gaze is now upon us and they will swallow the sun to mark the beginning of a new age of unbridled insanity. Absolute obliteration is upon us...

    What better soundtrack to the end of sanity and the extinguishing of life than the monstrous, apocalyptic brutality of Traumatomy? Since their formation in the winter of 2012 this band have vomited up some of the most sickening death metal imaginable and they have never sounded heavier than on their third full length album of barbarity, Extirpation Paradigms. With bass notes like lead shot tearing through your bowels, rending riffs like a face full of shrapnel, the unmistakeable voice from another dimension, the bestial gurgle of Haruka Kamiyama (ex-Gorevent) and additional vocal violence from the band’s new live vocalist Kirill Zarubin (Depths Of Black),Traumatomy have delivered an experience like no other. Songs like ‘Patterns Of Tyranny’ are simply some of the finest explosions of slamming, brutal death metal you will ever hear. The sheer weight of ‘Filled With Abhorrence’ drives the breath from your body and you can feel your bones threatening to break under the strain. You don’t listen to Extirpation Paradigms, you grit your teeth and try to survive it!

    It’s been six long years since Traumatomy released a full length album, the fearsome Monolith Of Absolute Suffering, but it has absolutely been worth the wait. Traumatomy have never summoned up such monolithic assaults as fill every second on Extirpation Paradigm and now, with Gore House Productions on board, no corner of the earth will be safe from their savagery. When this album emerges on May7th, wrapped in the awesome artwork of Daemorph Art (Avulsed, The Black Dahlia Murder, Pyrexia etc) and featuring a guest appearance from Defeated Sanity vocalist Josh Welshman, then the end of all things can surely not be far behind...

    Presale link: Gore House Productions

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Lividity | Aborted Fetus | Visceral Disgorge | Gorevent

    Haruka Kamiyama - Vocals
    Boris Kosov - Bass
    Constantine Chevardin - Guitar
    Alexey Belov - Drums


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